Dream Scottish hillside home available to rent for under £65 a night


For £63 you could spend a remarkable night at High Trodigal. Regarded as a hobbit hideaway, the turfed home dug into a hill on the Scottish coast is an important addition to the rental market. What’s more, is that this amazing home with reduced rate rental charges boasts of great sauna kits UK addition. With heated floors and washing machine and the sauna, of course, this is an incorporation of the modern spin into the traditional hobbit home. Within a grassy bank of the Scottish coast, nestles this unique home. The quirky appearance of the High Trodigal is associated with a Bilbo’s homestead look save for the gnarled wood lengths and glass sheets that are on the outer side with clever masonry work.  You can enjoy the aura of this extraordinary home and the fine sauna kits UK types that it offers for only £63.50 per person a night. The interiors give a feeling that is more than that of a home. Heated floors, a washing machine, modern appliances in the kitchen including all essential gadgets. You can have a self-catering stay for the few pounds. Every room is airy and bright thanks to the large windows that allow the flooding of natural light. The living room emphasises giving you a cosy feeling. You get a wood burning stove to warm up the place for you and if you need to take a bath, there is a sleek, tiled bathroom. Most of the rooms including the dining room give you a great view of the sweeping coastline.

The outside is also phenomenal. Two patio areas are available with doors leading from the bedroom and living room. To blend with the surrounding countryside, the home is clad with timber and natural stone. Take some of the greatest coastal walks and get rewarded by stunning features. You can also easily access the world famous Machrihanish golf course which is less than a mile away from the small cute home. And for those who enjoy nature, the Machrihanish bird observatory is there to satisfy your fantasies. This is a hot spot for observing migratory birds.  After long, amazing brisk walks on the coast and the surrounding areas, you get to relax in a nice bathroom with natural stone tile a bathtub and a shower. A small space has one of the best sauna kits UK models to warm you up. You then get to relax in a large bed in a master bedroom that has soft light and a sliding door leading out the patio when you wake up. If you are a holidaymaker looking for a splendid time in the High Trodigal, you can reach the village of Machrihanish by flying 30 minutes from Glasgow. A ten-minute car ride will get you to the amazing home from the local airport.